Saturday, November 6, 2010

Badan Intelejen Nasional (BIN) / Indonesian Intelligence Agency

The embryo of Indonesian State Intelligence Agency was the intelligence organization in the occupation of Japan, in 1943.

At that time the Japanese set up a local version of the intelligence agency known as the Military Intelligence School Nakano.Zulkifli Lubis is a graduate of that school and then became the first commander of the republican Intelligence.

Post-independence, in August 1945 the Government of Indonesia established the first republic intelligence agency and Colonel Zulkifli Lubis lead the agency with about 40 former soldiers who be a special military investigators.

After entering a period of special training in the area Ambarawa intelligence, beginning in May 1946 about 30 young graduates became members of the Secret State Agency of Indonesia called Brani. This institution became the movement controller of intelligence with some ad hoc unit, even overseas operations.

July 1946, Secretary of Defense (Defense Minister) Amir Sjarifuddin form B Defense Agency headed by a former police commissioner. 30 April 1947 As a result all the agencies merged under the Minister of Defense, including Brani into Part V of the Defense Agency B.

In early 1952, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, TB Simatupang lowered intelligence agencies into the Armed Forces Staff Information Agency . That year the Vice-President Mohammad Hatta and Defense Minister Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX accept the offer the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to train candidates for the Indonesian professional intelligence on the island of Saipan, the Philippines.

Due to competition in the military, throughout the year 1952-1958, the entire army and police have their own intelligence services without national coordination. So December 5, 1958 President Sukarno formed Intelligence Coordinating Agency (BKI) with Marine Col. Pirngadi as the head.

Furthermore, 10 November 1959, BKI became Central Intelligence (BPI), based in Madiun Street, which is headed by DR Soebandrio. In the era of the 1960s until the end of the Old Order, the influence of Soebandrio to BPI is very strong. At the same time the ideological war between communist ideology and non-communist ideology sprung in the military, including intelligence.

After 1965, Suharto headed the Security Restoration Operation Command and Order (KOPKAMTIB). Next in the region (Regional Military Command / Kodam), formed Task Force on Intelligence (STI).

Then August 22, 1966 Suharto established the National Intelligence Command (KIN) with Brig. Yoga Sugomo as head directly responsible to him.

As a strategic intelligence agency, the BPI was merged into KIN who also has a Special Operations (Opsus) under Lieutenant Colonel. Ali Moertopo with assistant Leonardus Benjamin (Benny) Moerdani and Aloysius Sugiyanto.

Less than a year, May 22, 1967 Suharto issued a Presidential Decree (Decree) to design KIN to the State Intelligence Coordinating Agency (Bakin). Major General. Soedirgo is the first head of Bakin.

At the time of Major General. Sutopo Juwono, Bakin has a Deputy II under Colonel Nicklany Soedardjo, Military Police officer (POM), a graduate of Fort Gordon, U.S..

Actually, in early 1965 Nicklany create intelligence unit at military police, the Executive Intelligence Detachment (Den Pintel) POM. Officially, Den Pintel POM became the Special Intelligence Unit (Satsus Intel), then in 1976 became Implementation Units (Satlak) Bakin and in the era of the 1980s will be the Executing Unit (UP) 01.

Starting in 1970 occurred reorganization Bakin with additional Deputy III Opsus post under Brig. Ali Moertopo. As Suharto's inner circle, is considered the most prestigious Opsus Bakin, ranging from domestic affairs of the consultation the People (Free Choice), West Irian and the birth of the political machine Golkar (Golkar) to the Indochina problem.

Moerdani expand the intelligence activities of the Strategic Intelligence Agency (Bais). Next Bakin lived became a directorate of counter-subversion of the New Order.

Moerdani as Minister for Defence and Security (Defense), Suharto in 1993 to reduce the mandate of Bais and changed its name to the Armed Forces Intelligence Agency (BIA).

In 2000 President Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) changed Bakin became the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) to the present.