Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Established by the United States in October 1961 with a staff of only 25, DIA coordinates all the military intelligence branches under the Department of Defense and now employs more than 4,000 personnel, more  than half of whom are civilians. It consists of the National Military Intelligence Production Center, the National Military Intelligence Collection Center, and the National Military Intelligence Systems Center.
The DIA directors have been Gen. Joseph Carroll (1961–69), Gen. Donald Bennett (1960–72), Adm. Vincent de Poix (1972–74), Gen. Daniel Graham (1974–75), Gen. Gene Tighe (January–May 1976 and 1977–81), Gen. Samuel Wilson (1976–77), Gen. James Williams (1981–85), Gen. Leonard Perroots (1985–88), Gen. Harry Soyster (1988–91), Dennis Nagy (September–November 1991), Gen. James Clapper (1991–95), and Gen. Kenneth Minihan (1995– ).